The Dutch Shepherd's Dog



Baden K-9 has been breeding and training Dutch Shepherd's for years.
Their intelligence along with their agility make them good working dogs for military and law enforcements yet they are stable enough to be a family protector.

This outstanding breed of dogs makes an excellent playmate and companion. Dutch Shepherds were originally mainly used as a farm dog due to their natural herding instinct.

They come in a variety of coats, short coat, long coat and a rough coat. Baden's Dutch Shepherds are brindle in colour, of medium size, have a smooth coat and are very muscular.
Their colouring is a natural camouflage.A Dutch 
Shepherds pup in training at 4 1/2 months. This is one reason that this dog proves to be an excellent choice for Law Enforcements and Military tactical work.

A six 
month old Dutch Shepherd See photos of Baden's Dutch Shepherds Dogs.

The Dutch Shepherds are known for their loyalty. These dogs are evenly tempered, very intelligent, stable and make an excellent working dog.

Their intelligence and ability to think make them an excellent working dog to train.

Baden's Dutch Shepherds are highly stable, safe around people and very reliable.

Because of the increase in the popularity of this dog a deposit is usually required on the pups.

Photos of the Dutch Shepherd's Dog working with a Law Enforcement Officer.

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